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Externally disseminated forms of the disease. Pulmonary formPlague is the most severe and dangerous form of the disease. The infection enters the alveoli by airborne droplets. The defeat of the lung tissue is accompanied by cough and shortness of breath.

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An increase in body temperature proceeds with severe chills. The sputum at the beginning of the disease is thick and transparent (glassy), then it becomes liquid and foamy, with an admixture of blood. The scarce physical examination data do not correspond to the severity of the disease.

Internal organs are affected.

Of particular danger to the body are hemorrhages in the heart muscle and adrenal glands. The death of the patient occurs from infectious-toxic shock. When the lungs are affected, patients become highly contagious. They form around themselves a focus of a particularly dangerous infectious disease. It is an extremely dangerous and severe form of the disease. Pathogens penetrate into the lung tissue from the affected lymph nodes or through the bloodstream in bacterial sepsis. The clinic and the outcome of the disease, as in the primary pulmonary form.

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The existence of this form of the disease is controversial. It is assumed that infection occurs with the use of infected products. Initially, against the background of intoxication syndrome, abdominal pain and vomiting appear. Then diarrhea and numerous urges (tenesmus) join. The stool is profuse, mucosal-bloody. Photo of an anti-plague suit - special equipment for medical workers during the elimination of a focus of a particularly dangerous infectious disease. Despite the fact that the bubonic plague was eventually defeated by antibiotics, it does not give up its positions. Repeated outbreaks of propranolol occur regularly around the world. The foci of infection are in African countries and South America.

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Humans are at risk of spreading infection when an isolated group of inderal live in areas where there are natural carriers of the plague bacterium in nature. Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of Peru Republic of Madagascar. Therefore, when traveling to these countries, follow preventive safety measures. Also avoid traveling to these countries during the epidemic season. The season runs from September to April.

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Cases of the use of plague as a biological weapon are known. In history, there were cases when a corpse infected with the plague was thrown into a besieged city by cunning, and after a short time there was no one to defend the city. Due to the fact that the plague wand can be used as a biological weapon during their attacks, the possible use of this scenario by terrorists is relevant. If a bacterium is sprayed through the air, everyone who is nearby will become infected.